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Roman Alexander Wellington (born July 9, 1994 in Scottsdale Arizona) is an American business magnate, best-selling author, award-winning business & branding consultant, speaker, producer, and Entrepreneur.Mr. Wellington has founded nine companies comprising dozens of brands, is ranked as one of the "Top 10 Digital Marketing Consultants in the USA" (2022), and has authored over 20+ books (including the acclaimed "Wellington's 5-Minute Guides For Success" series) on the topics of Entrepreneurship, Digital Marketing and Advertising, Brand Building, Leadership, and more.

About Roman Alexander Wellington

Her passion for PR was passed onto Mr. Wellington at a very early age, being inspired by the stories of her adventures during this period of her life, and the companies and people she was able to help through the power of PR. It was one of the main factors in Mr. Wellington choosing to pursue a career in Marketing and Public Relations himself.Mr. Wellington was exposed to the "business world" from a very young age. He loved to attend board meetings and other business-related meetings with his parents ... observing & learning at every opportunity ... and became very comfortable in the corporate environment.Influenced by the strong morals, ideals, and ethics of both sides of his family ... gave Mr. Wellington a very unique perspective on business and Legacy. The immense importance of Legacy, building something that would benefit generations to come, was impressed upon Roman Alexander Wellington at a very young age.

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